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Aldoraq Water Bottling Plant was established in 1994 by its founder and owner Mr. Khaled A. Almaimani. Aldoraq Water Bottling Plant is one of the first water bottling factories in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Aldoraq is also one of the biggest factories in the Middle East and very well known for its products.

In addition, Aldoraq is a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA.).

Aldoraq Water Bottling Plant is also a member of Almaimani Group, which is one oldest and largest family owned businesses in Saudi Arabia. Aldoraq produces the purified drinking health water bottling in different sizes and capacities. The water produced by Aldoraq contains a good percentage of florid, it is from natural water bore-wells, purified by Ozone.

Aldoraq headquarter is located in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and it distribute its products throughout the kingdom in Makkah, and Yanbu. Aldoraq Water Bottling Plant utilizing the best techniques for water purification and health additives. Aldoraq Water Bottling Plant is a well-known brand in all over Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries.

Our Product and Production Capacity per Year:

Aldoraq Water Bottling plant bottled water is distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in variety of sizes from 0.25 liter to 19 liter bottles.
Item Material Quantity
250 ML Cups 40 per box
375 ML PET 40 per box
600 ML PET 30 per box
2 Litter HDPE 9 per box
1 Gallon HDPE 4 per box
5 Litter PET 4 per box
5 Gallon Blowmolding PC Empty Bottle
5 Gallon PC Water Refill

Our New upcoming products:

  • 300 ML PET Plastic Shrink 40 Bottles per box – New Product coming in mid-2016
  • 500 ML PET 24 Bottles per box – New Product coming in mid-2016
  • 1.5 Litter PET 12 Bottles per box – New Product coming in mid-2016

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